Friday, May 29, 2009


Well, I have friends coming to visit from out of town today with their kids. We are planning lunch, swimming at the pool, dinner and lots of catching up...

So, my question is, "How do you have a FUN FRIDAY when you are dieting and supposed to be exercising?"

Well, I had my usual Fiber One bar for breakfast 150 calories! That will help! For lunch, my girlfriends and I are having our usual, Chicken Salad. I just mix up canned chicken breast and throw whatever I have on hand in it(apples, celery, scallions, Tastefully Simple Dill Mix, Pepper, and Light Miracle Whip, and pecans went in today). As I was making it this morning, I got to thinking...there must be a better, more healthy way to make chicken salad. Yes, I use Light Miracle Whip, but the batch I made used over half a container. WOW!! THE CALORIES! So, I'm on a mission to find a lower calorie chicken salad recipe. Normally, we would eat it on crackers. Today, I think I'll be having it on whole wheat bread instead with lettuce and tomatoes.

The drama will come in this afternoon at snack time. I might take a banana. Very low cal and it will actually stave off the hunger. On that note, I think I have another tip.

TIP #3: If you feel hungry in between meals, instead of grabbing cookies, candy bars, crackers, EAT A PIECE OF FRUIT.

Fruit is usually extremely filling and very low in calories! Use the caloric chart link to find out the caloric count on fruits! It also helps curb the craving for sugar!

The plan for dinner is to order pizza. GOOD GRIEF....

I'm going to try and talk the girls into eating a veggie pizza with me. Yes, I would love a Meat Lovers, but it really isn't worth the indigestion or the grease and calories. Just because you are watching what you are eating doesn't mean that you can't have pizza!! Just don't eat more than one or two pieces! A trick to fill the craving for pizza is to have a piece of cheese and add your favorite veggies or fruit to it! Lots of fill for few calories! You can add as many fruits or veggies as you want! You will definitely take care of the carb craving without all the calories of eating half a pizza. TRY IT.....

After weighing in this morning, I was down another pound and a half! My goal is to jog again tonight after my friends leave and do the Bowflex arm workout...oh, and of course I'll tread in the pool some today while chatting with my great friends too!


  1. Now you have your measurements too - whew! You are brave! You are doing great!

  2. I figure the more it is out there, I'll hold myself more accountable for taking it seriously....LOL!

  3. Well, I was very good during the day, but we went out to dinner and I had Boneless Buffalo Wings, a few fries, and sweet tea...
    I definitely could have done better with the choice there, but I did run 1/6 miles at a 12 minute mile pace. Maybe I ran off the extra calories from dinner at least...

  4. Make that 1.6 arms tonight...wiped from the great day with my friends. :(

  5. Also having a salad with your pizza can help you from eating too many slices!

    You are off to a great start!!

  6. Great Tip!! I usually do that when we go out for pizza and I normally do not eat more than one or two pieces at the most...

    Thanks for the compliment, keep the comments coming!

  7. Hey Jodi! I was excited to see that you have a blog! Hang in there with the dieting and the exercise... it will pay off and you will be so glad!


  8. Thanks Tricia!
    I'll hopefully have one for family/Curly Tops Boutique when it gets finished! I'll post when it's official!

  9. A thought about the chicken salad: try using fat free sour cream instead of mayo. I sometimes add in some ranch dessing mix. Yummo!