Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's A Miracle

Well, we've had a crazy two weeks. Taking the girls back and forth to Nashville for their Indiana trips....

We've been on the road a lot, which means eating out a lot. We also spent 4 days in Alabaster with friends which equalled eating out a lot.

I've managed to keep my total weight lost to 8 pounds and total inches lost to 3 1/2! So, even with the chaos and not being able to do as well as I would like, I'm still ahead of where I started on this journey. We are about to embark on a 4 day trip to Indiana to pick up and visit.

Next week will start VBS. I should be able to keep it together for that! LOL! Ben will also be back in town so I can get back to my regular jogging. I've kept up an exercise routine, just not as hard of one as I had hoped.

I'll fall back to my saying, "Some is better than none!"

Well, I went for a dr. appointment today. It was to go over lab work that the dr. had sent off a few weeks ago. It could have been much worse, but I did pick up a new prescription and also some over the counter supplements he wants me to take.

I had set my goal weight at 163. The dr. told me today, he would like my goal to be 159! WOWZA!! I'll shoot for it, but I'm not so sure! I haven't seen the 150's since my Senior year of high school and a small bit of my Freshman year in college....

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  1. WTG Jodi! That is awesome that you are doing well even with the distractions, eating out and such! Keep your determination strong!!